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Woman experiencing knee pain while running. Visible skeleton.

Medical concepts

Medical concepts including disease, treatment, wellness, physiology, anatomy

Business and Industry

Business and industry concepts including money and finance.

 Offshore windmill farm

Science and Technology

Science and tech concepts from quarks to the Big Bang and anything in between.


The world and its wonders


To Carol and Mike Werner Images. We've been producing commercial and editorial stock images for over thirty years.

      The slide show playing on this page contains only a few of nearly 4000 images on this site. Access the rest through the Stock Images button then choosing a gallery from the dropdown list. New images are  regularly added to this site and will appear at the beginning of their respective galleries. Arrange usage from the agency listed with the image. Some agencies are quite slow to upload new images so feel free to contact us directly for complete licensing information. Click on Pages and you will find additional slideshows as well as the What's new update -- a list of new image additions. Most will also appear in the What's new gallery accessible above.  All labeled images are also available unlabeled.

      You will also find a partial list of stock subjects in the Pages dropdown.  If you can't find what you're looking for here, we invite you to try one of our agencies.

 We are represented worldwide by the following stock image agencies:

      Visuals Unlimited / Getty

      Getty / Photolibrary




      Alamy - Our largest online collection

      Science Source

      Science Photo Library


      Universal Images Group

      Aflo Photo Agency

 Check the Pages button above for more information.

Our images at many of these agencies can be accessed directly from our sister website http://www.fotokat.com.

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